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(freely adapted from a famous problem of H.E. Dudeney)

It's well known that abys and somalis love to chase flies ! So, one day, in a rectangular room 7,5m long by 3m wide, with a ceiling 3m above the floor, both a fly and a lovely sorrel somali kitten named Abricotine happened to be together. The kitten, on this day, had decided to stay wisely on the floor or walls but not jump in the air (oh, maybe it wasn't Abricotine, after all...). I forgot to tell you that Abricotine knew how to walk, not only on the ground, but also on all walls and ceilings, like geckos do (OK, mosquito nets do help !!!)



When Abricotine first noticed the fly, the fly was resting on one of the walls of the small side of the room, 25 cm below the ceiling and in the center of the wall (horizontally). Abricotine was on the opposite wall, in the center of the wall as well, but 25 cm above the floor. She was thinking that, by the time she gets down her 25 cm, then crosses the room (7m50), then climbs on the opposite wall up to the level of the fly (2,75m), the insect would have flown off ! And the fly, who liked strong emotions, had promised herself to take off just after the moment when Abricotine would have run 10 meters ! Just to tease her... But she did not count with the determination of Abricotine, who was really eager to catch her !

pattern of the room


What do you think ? Will the fly be able to take off before Abricotine reaches her ?
Or will Abricotine manage to catch the fly without running more than 10 m ???
But by which path ?

... I'm giving up ...


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