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I have 6 somalis : Alaska, Bouboule, Charlie, Deuteronomy, Eleanor and Faramir.

I was about to serve a splendid and juicy roast to my guests when... I noticed that it had disappeared !
Well, not quite. I hardly had time to see two tails disappearing from the kitchen, leaving their treasure behind.

So I got out some ready-made stuff from the freezer to serve my guests,
and went to enquire about who were the two culprits among my 6 somalis.

the culprits ?
How could it be us ? Come on...

I know that, when they are innocent, my somalis never lie.

Alaska said: "Charlie is innocent"
Bouboule said: "Deuteronomy is innocent"
Charlie said: "Eleanor is innocent"
Deuteronomy said: "Faramir is innocent"
Eleanor said: "Alaska is innocent".

Now, I knew who the culprits were.

What about you ? Do you know which two somalis have stolen the roast ?

... I'm giving up ...


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