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Once upon a time, in a Somalian desert, there was a mother cat expecting babies.
She had already found the comfortable and hidden place where she would deliver her litter, far enough from the houses.
She had wisely decided that she should build up a food reserve close to her nest.
And she had found a forgotten bag of dry kibble containing 3000 croquettes, close to the village.
So she wanted to carry as many as possible to her nest.

Mom in her nest

However, her nest was 10 km away from the village, and when she walked on this path,
she needed to eat one croquette every 10 meters all the time (on the way out as well as on her way back).
Furthermore, she could not carry more than 1000 croquettes at any one time.

Do you think she will manage to make up her kibble reserve near her nest ?
And if yes, what is the maximum number of croquettes that she will manage to get there ?

... I'm giving up ...


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