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Somalis have wonderfully expressive eyes and their color may range from gold to green.
I was once discussing with a group of 5 somalis, two of which had green eyes and always said the truth, and the three others had golden eyes and were lying in each of their sayings (did I ever tell you that cathematical somalis speak, of course !)

I had been challenged to guess the eye color of each of the 5 somalis without looking at them (I was blindfolded for this purpose).
I had been allowed to ask three questions, one each to three different cats.

I asked the first somali: "What color are your eyes ?" and he said "Mrowww...."
I didn't quite grasp at first what he meant by that.

So I asked another one: "What did the first somali mean ?"
And he said "He said his eyes were golden."

Then I asked my last question to a third somali:
"What is the eye color of the two somalis I just interrogated ?"
He answered right away: "The first one has green eyes."
Then, after a moment, he also said "But the second one has golden eyes."


Whaow! Now I had my answer...



cat cat cat

What about you ?

What is the eye colour of each somali ?

... I'm giving up ...


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