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A race is being organised between a team of abys and a team of somalis.
It is a very special race, each team consists of 3 cats : a mom and her two kittens,
and they must cover a distance of 20 km on a straight road.
Every team has a magical teaser, which enables the cat carrying it to run much faster, just judge by yourself :

  • the mom cats run at a speed of 8 km/h normally, but reach 32 km/h while they hold the teaser ;
  • the kittens run at a speed of 4 km/h normally, but reach 24 km/h while they hold the teaser !

Of course, the winning team will be the one whose members have all arrived at the finish point.

A kitten discovers the magical teaser

A kitten discovering the magical teaser !

Hooray for the magical teaser !

Hooray for the magical teaser !

The team of somalis starts :

  • mom somali walks all the way without the teaser, so she covers 20 km at a speed of 8 km/h, hence it takes her 2h30 to arrive.
  • the first kitten runs half of the way holding the teaser, then puts it down for his brother to find.
    Then he walks the rest of the way without the teaser.
    Hence he will run 10 km at 24 km/h (25 minutes) then 10 km at 4 km/h (2h30), and will arrive after 2h55.
  • The second kitten does exactly the reverse, i.e. walks the first half of the way without the teaser,
    picks it up where his brother has left it and runs the rest holding the teaser.
    He will then arrive at the same time as his brother, after 2h55 (2h30 for the first half, then 25 minutes with the teaser).

So the somali team is registered to have arrived in 2h55.

The aby team would like to do better...
Their original goal was to arrive in 10 minutes less than their competitors, do you think this is feasible ?
If no, why ? And if yes, how ?

Of course, it is strictly forbidden for the mom cat to carry any of her kittens !!!

... I'm giving up ...


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