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One day, 7 somalis were seated together at a round table.
There was Venus, Alias, Amos, Bret, Choupette, Charlie and Cajun.

Each one had a bowl, and they had been served some milk. In total, 3 liters of milk had been poured in the bowls, but not all bowls had necessarily got some and certainly not all the same amount.

First, Venus, the oldest of the somalis, took her bowl and poured its content equally into the 6 other bowls, without keeping any for herself.
Then each one in turn, in the order in which they were seated around the table, did the same : Alias, Amos, Bret, Choupette, Charlie and finally Cajun.

When this was done, they noticed that the quantity of milk in each bowl was exactly the same as it was at the start !!!

a bowl of chocolate

(a kitten who thought bowls were not for milk...)

How much milk did each of the 7 somalis get in his/her bowl ?

... I'm giving up ...


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