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Three somalis play together : Calisson, Caramel and Carambar.
They were all born the same year (the "C" year),
so their names alone don't give a clue to which one is the oldest.

You are being told that:

  • Carambar is younger than Caramel;
  • Carambar is older than Calisson;
  • The sum of Calisson and Carambar's ages is equal to exactly twice the age of Caramel;
  • Caramel is younger than Calisson.

However, the problem is that, among these 4 sentences, 3 are true and one is false.

3 kittens

Will you be able to sort out the ages of our 3 somali friends,
and tell me which one is the oldest and which one the youngest ?

... I'm giving up ...


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