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I once had a beautiful litter of somalis, larger than usual. It was a real happiness to see these little furballs play with everything, tumble upon one another, jump on invisible mice, and then come purring to fall asleep in my arms...

But the day came when they would go to their new adoption families.

The three families wanting to adopt them came and this is what they got :

  • the first family got half the litter plus half a kitten;
  • the second family got half of the remaining kittens, and I gave them half a kitten in addition, so that they they felt as well treated as the first family;
  • the third family got half of the kittens left, plus half a kitten for them too !

Once all this splitting done, I had no kitten left at home...

half kitten

I think I can hear your horrified screams: how awful !!! Split kittens in half...

Don't worry, I didn't do any harm to the kittens !

But then can you guess how many kittens I had in the litter, and how did I manage ?


... I'm giving up ...


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