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Yesterday, I paid a visit to one of my friends who breeds Maine Coon cats.
I saw a piece of paper on his table with a figure written on it. Being curious, I asked him about what this figure meant.
He told me that it was the number of kittens born in his cattery last year.
He added that, for the whole lifetime of his cattery, he only had litters of 5 and 7 kittens.
Though the number I saw was larger than 12, I answered "Then this number is impossible !..."

He answered "Oh, wait, I made a mistake, I meant I only ever had litters of 6 or 7 kittens !",
but I insisted "Still, this number is not possible ! "

Then my friend explained to me : "I'm sure I only ever had litters of 6 or 7 kittens, nothing else.
Good performance, isn't it ? In fact, I did have both cases last year.
But, I made another mistake, in the figure written on the paper
I forgot to count the two kittens born last year which I didn't sell but kept for my breeding programme !"

Portee de 6 chatons maine coon
(picture © Shadoogie)

How many kittens were born in my friend's cattery last year ?

... I'm giving up ...

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