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I wanted to know which one of my 8 somalis is the heaviest one. So I got out my weighing scale.
However, they found it was such fun that they jumped on the scale, often two on one side, as they wished...


There was Alaska, Brownie, Choupette, Doudou, Edelweiss, Prawlin, Tikky and Unzo. Unable to weigh them one by one, this is what I managed to deduce from their antics:

  • Doudou is heavier than Brownie and Unzo together
  • Prawlin is exactly half the weight of Brownie and Choupette together
  • Brownie is heavier than Choupette
  • Doudou and Choupette together are heavier than Alaska and Tikky together
  • Edelweiss and Prawlin together are exactly the same weight as Alaska and Choupette together
  • Edelweiss and Tikky together are heavier than Alaska and Doudou together.

Which one, among these 8 somalis, is the heaviest one ?

... I'm giving up...

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