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I have a friend who owns a somali. He lives in a house which is part of a row of 5 houses, all painted of a different colour.
Within each house lives a different owner, all of different nationalities.
Each of the 5 owners drink a different beverage, and has different tastes with regards to music.
Each of them also owns a cat, but they are all of a different breed.

- the Brit lives in a red house
- the Swede has a Maine Coon for company
- the Dane drinks tea
- the green house is on the left of the white house
- the owner of the green house drinks coffee
- the person who loves the songs of Barbara owns a Birman
- the owner of the yellow house likes the Beatles
- the owner living in the middle house drinks milk
- the Swiss lives in the first house
- the owner who likes Verdi's operas lives next to the one who owns a Chartreux
- the owner who lives with his abyssinian lives next to the one who likes the Beatles
- the own who prefers Mozart drinks beer
- the German prefers Chopin
- the Swiss lives next to the blue house
- the man who likes Verdi's operas has a neighbour who drinks water.

piano cat

Can you guess who is my friend ? What country is he from, what colour is his house, what does he drink and what kind of music does he listen to ?

... I'm giving up ...


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