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The jubileumshow of the N.K.F.V. (Nederlandse KattenFokkers Vereniging),
organised for the club's 40 years, was memorable.
A special abyssinian and somali gathering had been scheduled on this occasion,
and there were about 60 abyssinians and as many somalis present !

The atmosphere was relaxed and joyful, and it was very rewarding to be able to meet
breeders from Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, etc. (we were only 3 Frenchies)

I succeeded in taking pictures of every single somali who was at the show,
unfortunately it was show closing time already when I finished and therefore the abys are not here !

I hope you will enjoy browsing through this very complete presentation of the somalis, grouped by coat colour.
(to see an enlarged picture of the cat in a separate window, just click on its thumbnail)
Several cats of a very respectable age were participating in the "veterans" class:
some 12, 13, 14 or even 16 years old.

ruddy (males)

Amir von Ruremunde
Amir von Ruremunde,
neutered male, 2 years old
Lugino Angelo Tesoro Turco
Lugino Angelo Tesoro Turco,
neutered male, 8 years old
Brownie de la Chacolaterie
Brownie de la Chacolaterie,
male, one year old
Tacito Angus Tesoro Turco
Tacito Angus Tesoro Turco,
neutered male, 3 years old
Angelo Rico Amici di Lugino
Angelo Rico Amici di Lugino,
neutered male, 3 years old
Ilamos Niccolini
Ilamos Niccolini,
male, 2 years old
Over-Nite Sensation's Stitch
Over-Nite Sensation's Stitch,
male, 10 months old
Geronimo Indy of Candymoor
Geronimo Indy of Candymoor,
male, 10 months old
Dakini Aruna Ayan
Dakini Aruna Ayan,
male, 6 months old
Forest fan it Printeboek
Forest fan it Printeboek,
male, 4 months old
Don Luca Tesoro Turco
Don Luca Tesoro Turco,
veteran, 12 years old
Angelo degli Amici di Lorenza
Angelo degli Amici di Lorenzo,
veteran, 16 years old

ruddy (females)

Viventy on Tiptoe
Viventy on Tiptoe,
female, 5 years old
Tisha Evita Tesoro Turco
Tisha Evita Tesoro Turco,
female, 3 years old
Lara van Girina
Lara van Girina,
neutered female, 4 years old
Le Chat Somali Zazou
Le Chat Somali Zazou,
neutered female, 10 years old
Bouly van Ruremunde
Bouly van Ruremunde,
female, one year old
Rosabella Gina Amici di Lugino
Rosabella Gina Amici di Lugino,
female, one year old
Sweet Sensation's Hind
Sweet Sensation's Hind,
neutered female, 4 years old
Isabella Ischia Amici di Lugino
Isabella Ischia Amici di Lugino,
female, one year old
Briketje van Ruremunde
Briketje van Ruremunde,
female, one year old
Lucky Lady van Bibiaan
Lucky Lady van Bibiaan,
female, one year old
Foxgarden's Imzadi
Foxgarden's Imzadi,
female, one year old
Angie van Karksomjet
Angie van Karksomjet,
female, 6 years old
Castlemania's Yentl Cheyenne
Castlemanias's Yentl Cheyenne,
neutered female, 2 years old
Scarlett van Golconda
Scarlett van Golconda,
neutered female, 3 years old
Channy Som de Kismayou
Channy Som de Kismayou,
female, 10 months old
Criddle's Fabulous Speranza Zita
Criddle's Fabulous Speranza Zita,
female, 6 months old
  Castlemania's Secret Garden
Castlemania's Secret Garden,
veteran, 10 years old
Silfescian Merit's Mariposa
Silfescian Merit's Mariposa,
veteran, 14 years old

sorrel (males)

Baly Som de Kismayou
Baly Som de Kismayou,
male, 1.5 year old
Zucchero Gino Tesoro Turco
Zucchero Gino Tesoro Turco,
male, one year old
Etcetera's Buhran Rashid
Etcetera's Buhran Rashid,
neutered male, 1.5 year old
Foxgarden's Lucky Little Fox
Foxgarden's Lucky Little Fox,
male, 10 months old

sorrel (females)

Andantes Pimmi Lego
Andantes Pimmi Lego,
female, 3 years old
Ariane de la Vallee aux Loups
Ariane de la Vallée aux Loups,
female, 2 years old
Foxgarden's Kira Nerys
Foxgarden's Kira Nerys,
female, 2 years old
Gracia Sarabi van Wu-wei
Gracia Sarabi van Wu-wei,
female, one year old
Zazou on Tiptoe
Zazou on Tiptoe,
female, one year old
Kalahari on Tiptoe
Kalahari on Tiptoe,
female, 6 years old
Cinnamon von Golconda
Cinnamon von Golconda,
female, 6 years old
Criddle's Fabulous Dulce Amara
Criddle's Fabulous Dulce Amara,
female, 6 months old
Roma von Thalkleinich
Roma von Thalkleinich,
female, 3.5 months old
Over-Nite Sensation's Poesjkin
Over-Nite Sensation's Poesjkin,
veteran, 13 years old


Fairly van Karksomjet
Fairly von Karksomjet,
female, 2 years old
Harelkijn van Wu-wei
Harelkijn von Wu-wei,
female, 5 months old

sex-linked red

Red Som Barbarossa du Jaspe Marwin
Red Som Barbarossa du Jaspe Marwin,
male, 1.5 year old


black silver

Maverick of Timbavati
Maverick of Timbavati,
male, one year old
Amaranti Sofus
Amaranti Sofus,
male, 6 months old
Silfescian Shabanou Raiza
Silfescian Shabanou Raiza,
female, 6 months old

chocolate silver

Xamee van de Meegdeshoeve
Xamee van de Meegdeshoeve,
female, one year old

sorrel silver

Aurore d'Alaska de la Chacolaterie
Aurore d'Alaska de la Chacolaterie,
female, 2 years old
Yo El Rey's Cool Charm
Yo El Rey's Cool Charm,
male, 7 months old
C'Simbad Som de Kismayou
C'Simbad Som de Kismayou,
male, 4 months old
Ab Bastet
Ab Bastet,
veteran, 13 years old

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