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Our first litter was born on February 5th, 1999, out of Nougatine sired by Nichrome des Fauve et Or (pedigree), a fawn silver somali.

3 kittens were born, but only two survived more than 5 days: Pyrite, a silver chocolate female and Prawlin, a chocolate female.

Nougatine's 3 kittens

The 3 kittens, 3 days old
(from back to front)
- Pyrite, chocolate silver somali
- Prawlin, chocolate somali
- the sorrel somali who did not survive

Pyrite went to live in Maastricht (the Netherlands), with Annelies van Wamel and Ian Francis, who since have moved to live in Lincoln (United Kingdom).
You may visit her page on their site, as well as see her daughter After Eight (a name I love !!!), also a chocolate silver somali.

Little kiss after toilet Pyrite discovers grass, checked closely by mom

Kisses from mom Nougatine to Pyrite

Prawlin now lives in Paris, within our family.

Here she is when she was 2 months old:

Prawlin, 2 months old

then one year old:

Prawlin takes the pose

Prawlin, 26 feb. 2000

Prawlin, 26 feb. 2000


She was featured in the central poster of "30 millions d'amis" (a monthly publication on animals) in July 2003.
Her wild look must have impressed the editors ! (picture by Eric Planchard)

A wild look...

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