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11 July 2007 - Palaiseau

Hi! I'm Bucci Kid de Buffavand, and I'm a real chap, boys !
I'm not yet one year old, but have you seen my shoulders ?
Bucci, the Kid
Pompon pampering herself
And that's her ! She is Une Pomponnette de la Chacolaterie, aka "Pompon".
She is currently pampering herself (for me...)

In fact, I won't hide it to you, when I arrived at her place yesterday, she wasn't quite... nice to me !
Babette (her dedicated human) had moved her in new apartments not long before I arrived,
without asking her agreement before. So she notified her disapproval.
In addition, Babette had decided to trim her claws, do you realize ?
If a danger had arrived, how could she defend herself, my Pomponnette ?

Hopefully, I know all about girls, and I knew from the start that she wouldn't be long in this bad mood...
I know how to speak to girls. Do you realise, not even one year old, and already a father of 12...
It's been so quick that my humans haven't uploaded them on E.R.o'S. yet, what are they waiting for ?

Here, we are both together, Pompon and I.
She is much older than I am, can you imagine, she is already 3 and a half !!!
And she wears little tufts at the tip of her ears, like me...
Honestly, I think we are a very nice-looking couple !

Bucci and Pompon
Bucci waits
She doesn't want to be held as an easy girl.
OK, I'll wait as long as needed...

While I wait for Miss Pomponnette to let me get near, I'm having my portrait shot, to keep busy.
But don't be abused by my look, I am constantly watching Pompon from the corner of my eyes for the right moment.

Bucci face 1
Bucci face 2
Bucci and mouse
Bucci eyes

Here we are, I told you she would call me, it's my sixth sense...
And how could she resist my charming look and my poetic "mrrraouwww" ?

mating 1 mating 2
mating 3
mating 4
mating 5

Nevertheless, I tried to be quick the first time, you never know girls' reaction...

But, when I saw how many times she turned and turned and turned,
I knew I had done my job properly !
Pompon turns
And we did it all over again and again, now she was really asking me !
I told you, no girl can resist...
mating 6
Pompon rests

Then we had a little siesta, to recharge batteries.

Pompon and Bucci rest

After a while, we got fed up of being taken in pictures all the time by Babette.
So can you guess what we did ?
Pompon lied down so close to her that she was on her skirt,
and Babette could not manage to take pictures any more, because we were too close for her camera,
and she didn't even dare getting up by fear of annoying us... hi hi

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