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Pépite was born home on 22 July 2019, among a 9 kittens litter (among which only 6 survived).
Her mom is Noisette de la Chacolaterie and her dad is Deglet Nour des Fauve & Or.
She inherited the warm chocolate colour of her mom and the sweet expression of her dad..

2019 was the year for names beginning with P... but also with Q, so I first thought of naming her Qiaokeli
(which is the pinyin transcription for the loanword "chocolate" in Chinese),
but finally she was called "Pépite de Qiaokeli" and her pet name is just "Pépite".

3.5 weeks old

7 weeks old

9 months old

pépite, 25 jours

Sometimes I wonder if shouln't have her called "Princess"...
She lives as the only cat at my son's home, and every time she comes back home for a stay she tells us very clearly
that she prefers the princess life (lone with her "prince") to the community life with mom, grandma..., though she gets used to it.
She is a very clever cat, and also a knack to find how to pursuade us of what she wants ;
and she made it clear cat shows were no business of hers.

She had the opportunity to meet Demis Silvaliya, a very sweet and beautiful young ruddy somali male.
Here they are resting after mating, look how she closes her eyes, feeling happy and trustful.

Pépite et Demis

She had her first litter with him in June 2022, a beautiful litter of 6 ruddy kittens.
She is a very attentive mom ready to do anything to protect her kittens.

Pépite et ses 6 chatons

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