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Edelweiss (pedigree) is a daughter of Une Pomponnette (fawn silver somali) and Arakis de Buffavand, chocolate somali.
She was born in september 2009.
Here she is, with mom "Pompon" and her litter brother Eclair :

Edelweiss with mom and Eclair

Edelweiss grows with a lot of elegance and is a living reminder of her so-loved aunty Bouboule,
as much in the softness of her expression as in the volume of her fur.

Edelweiss, 1.5 months old Edelweiss, 2 months old, by JM. Labat Edelweiss, 3.5 months old
Edelweiss and her mouse
Edelweiss, 8 months old

Spring 2010 : "Follow my white plume!..."

Edelweiss and her white plume Edelweiss, elegant young lady in the garden

Winter has come, and she discovers snow together with Brownie:

Edelweiss and Brownie Edelweiss and the snow

She is a tiny female, but well proportioned and very lively.
She was mated to Brownie in Spring 2011, and gave birth to 3 beautiful kittens on July 27, 2011 :
two black silver females and a ruddy boy. Go and see all their pictures on their page.

Edelweiss and her 3 kitties

Since 2016, she had intestinal problems (probably lymphoma).

Though she still ate well (but very slowly), she became very skinny.
So she had her spots : the heater (when central heating was on) and a warming basket on my bed..
Her quality of life lessened during the last months, and she was put to sleep on April 4, 2023,
after a very long stay on my lap in the warm sun of this spring afternoon.

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