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27 July 2011

Edelweiss' first babies are born ! Though of a small stature, Edelweiss gave birth to 3 babies without problem:
two black silver females weighing 77 grams and 84 grams, and a ruddy male weighing 98 grams.
Proud dad is Brownie

Here is Edelweiss, 2 days before and 2 days after the birth:

Edelweiss 2 days before giving birth Edelweiss and her 2-days old babies

The three little heads on their first day, well buried within mom's fur:

Galipette Gianduja Gaufrette
Galipette (then renamed Gypsie)
Gianduja, the male

Edelweiss proves to be as good a mom as was her own mom Pompon and her grand-mother Mila.
She seldom leaves her babies who grow regularly.
Here is the whole family after one week (lef), a black silver female (middle)
and the ruddy male (right) busy suckling under mom's protective paw.

Edelweiss and 3 kittens one week old black silver female, one week old
ruddy male, one week old

At two weeks old, babies have their eyes fully open on the surrounding world.
A few days later, they begin to play together and want to see what happens outside the nest.

plump ruddy male
ruddy male
ruddy male, 2.5 weeks old

Galipette - Gypsie,
black silver female

black silver female, 2.5 weeks old
black silver female
femelle black silver (left, with her brother)
Gaufrette and her brother
black silver female, 2 weeks old

Three and a half weeks old, they start exploring... but mom keeps a close eye, talks to them,
and takes them between her front paws like in her arms for a little bit of cleaning up :

Cleaning Galipette Cleaning Gianduja Cleaning Gaufrette

Here are close-ups of the two females :

Galipette - Gypsie
Gaufrette, 3.5 weeks old
Galipette, 3.5 weeks old

One month old. Galipette is now spoken for, and her name changed to Gypsie, which fits her well too.
Here are the three of them :

Gypsie, one month old Gianduja, one month old Gaufrette, one month old

While Gypsie is at the milk bar, Gianduja and Gaufrette are playing, alternating quarelling, licking, chasing, ...

Gypsie and mom Gaufrette and Gianduja

End August, here are the two little clowns Gypsie (left) and Gaufrette (right).


Their brother is here very seriously concentrating in the litter box (left).
Here are all 3 of them in the wicker basket :

Gianduja in the litter box, 1 month old
3 kittens, one month

September is already there! The three kitties are jumping all around.
Here are a few pictures taken during the quietest moments:

Edelweiss and her 3 kitties

Always checked upon by the mom's corner of an eye and two ears, the kittens are
Gaufrette to Gianduja : "I'm gonna eat you, starting with your ear..." but he doesn't seem to mind, using her as his pillow one minute later!

Gaufrette eats Gianduja ! Gianduja using Gaufrette as pillow

Cela fait rire Gypsie aux éclats... (ou bien est-ce prélude à un gros dodo, car les petits yeux se ferment déjà...)

Gypsie yawns Gypsie falling asleep

Here they are, 2 months old, staying "quiet" for 2 seconds
(Gianduja is left, Gypsie in the middle and Gaufrette at right)

Gianduja, Gypsie and Gaufrette, 2 months old

Individual portraits of 3 acrobats: from left to right, Gypsie, Gianduja and Gaufrette.

Gypsie Gianduja Gaufrette

Already 3 months old: here are the last pics of all 3 kitties together before they each go and live
with their respective families.

Gypsie Les deux soeurs
Gianduja Les trois chatons

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