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La Chacolaterie Somalis Link towards... this site ! If you wish to reference it on your own site, the choice of banner and the code to paste on your web site is here.
E.R.o'S. (Electronic Register of Somalis) enables you to browse through more than 11000 pedigrees of somalis and more than 23000 pedigrees of abyssinians (and more breeds) with genotypic data when known.

LOOF, the only official cat registry for pedigreed cats in France publishes its breed standards, its list of cat shows, and much more information. It features a very complete French website and an English website including part of the information of the French site.


The Veterinary Genetics Laboratory of UC Davis does a lot of research on feline genetics. It offers genetic testing for coat colour (agouti, colourpoint restriction, dilution, base colour, ...) and other genetic tests, including PK-def and PRA.

E-cat-show cat show schedules
Looking for a cat show abroad ?
This site gives links to the calendars of cat shows of all major cat organisations (FIFe, TICA, CFA, etc.).
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