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Prawlin litterally exhausted her fiancé, Geran (pedigree), during three days in October 2000.

Van Gelre Geran

Geran van Gelre, silver fawn somali and Prawlin, chocolate somali

Prawlin, one year and a half

Their babies were born on December 15, 2000:


R'elle with mom Prawlin

3 kittens at the milk bar

Prawlin cleans her daughter R'elle, then the three kittens are invited at the milk bar.


The 3 kittens, 7 weeks old restaurant time

Here they are: "smile !" and restaurant time


R'elle learned to follow her humans everywhere during their holidays (bicycle, boat...).
She also became mom with Rromynet.

A bowl of chocolate R'elle R'elle on holiday, summer 2001

R'elle as a kitten (isn't it normal for chocolate to be in a bowl ?), and as an adult (picture Luc Richard/Guergana Tasseva)


Ricl's went to live in the East of France and was the king of the house until, one sad day,
he ventured out of the garden and got run over by a bus.

Ricl's rests Ricl's observes Kingly Ricl's

Ricl's resting, Ricl's dreaming, or simply kingly sitting (pictures Charles Christler)


Roller lived with a member of our family.
When I took him to take part in a cat show, in Beaume les Dames, on 4 June 2001,
he finished first of the 27 somalis engaged in the somali breed contest.

After having sired kittens with Mila and with Bouboule,
he went on his stud life in the house of Han and Mieke van de Laar (Gebrook cattery), in the Netherlands,
where he sired a litter of 6 in 2005.
He is now retired and lives home with Mieke and Han.

Baby Roller

Roller, an elegant teenager (5,5 months old)
Roller in the sunshine Roller, 3 years old

Roller as a baby, a teenager, a yound adult and a 3-year old adult.


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