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Rromynet, sorrel somali (SOM o) [pedigree] was born at the Fauve et Or cattery on 10 January 2000.
We loved so much the look of his daddy (Endy, born at the Foxykats cattery) that we were eager to adopt one of his sons.

Rromynet, 3 months old: what I prefer in presents is the string ! Rromynet, 3 months old: may I keep the string ?

Rromynet never never tires of being petted, and loves to come and do his head butts
or sprawl on the zzzzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiooooooooooooo computer keyboard (didn't I tell you ?)

Here are a few pictures when he was a young adult, with no ruff yet.
His wonderful green eyes have now become even more dense in colour after a few years.

Rromynet: what do I do now ? Rromynet with Guillaume Rromynet, 8 months old

He sired two litters (one in 2001, one in 2002) with Mila.

The wedding picture with Mila

Rromynet and Mila,
the (official) wedding picture

Unfortunately, Rromynet, shortly after his first mating, started to spray and spray and spray !
We then had a veranda built for him adjacent to the kitchen and dining room,
but he was unhappy not being in our company all the time.

Rromynet meditates
Rromynet is bored
Rromynet above the he won in cat shows

So we decided to have his quality of life take precedence over our wish for kittens,
and he became the eunuch of the house, getting access again to the whole house (and the girls).

Rromynet royal on the bar

He likes to baby-sit the kittens, from time to time, as a careful grand'pa,
even though his stature may sometimes impress the little ones !

Rromynet plays baby-sitter with grandson Tikky
Alaska is impressed by Rromynet


Rromynet angry in "Paroles de chats"

You may recognise him in the book "Paroles de Chats" (cat talk),
the pictures of which have been taken by Laurent Parrault,
where he plays the role of the angry cat (left)
or in a quieter version (right) !

Rromynet quiet in "Paroles de chats"

His green eyes ask for hugs, head butts, cuddles, and he never tires of them.

Rromynet, 7 years old Rromynet, 9 years old

Rromynet was accompanied for his last sleep on July 21st, 2016.
He is greatly missed and remains forever in my heart.


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