2001: Sakura, Suricat and Samiole Homepage  

Rromynet and Mila lived together, and we were wondering when they would be ready...
... they were in December 2000 and their first babies were born on 19 February 2001.

Mila gave birth to 3 females:

Suricat and Sakura using Bouboule as a pillow Trio

Here they are, aged 4 days (Samiole being used as a pillow for the two abys),
then Suricat leads the band "mi... la..."

Suricat lives in Paris.

Mila with one-month old Suricat Suricat sings
Suricat(e ?)    Levitation
Suricate in the sun    Suricate

Suricat as a baby, then playing to be a real suricate or levitating... ;-),
and finally in her new home (last 2 pictures by François Pahmer)

Sakura also lived in an apartment, close to Palaiseau, which gave me the pleasure of seeing her quite often.
Sadly, she died after being sick 2 days (attributed to an acute kind of leukemia) in 2002.

Sakura Sakura plays in the sun

Sakura as a kitten, then as an adult in her new home (2nd picture by Donato Saldicco)

Samiole stayed with us. She has a page of her own.
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