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Rromynet and Mila had given birth to 3 females in 2001 (two aby variant, one somali).
They did a remake in January 2002, 3 girls, two aby variant, one somali ! Even the colours were the same, but in a non-silver version ! In fact, 4 females were born, but the 4th little female, a chocolate silver that should have been called Tartine (au chocolat), did not survive due to a congenital defect (her pylora was not opened).

May I introduce you to:

Mila and the two abys Tequila, Toffee and Toupie


Toupie lives in an apartment which she shares with her humans and with Sherkan, a cat twice her size... but she doesn't seem to mind !

Toupie and Sherkan
Toupie and Sherkan
(picture by Julie Ercolani)

I don't have any news from Tequila, if you know her and if you read this page, thanks to ask his human to give me news and his new contact info !

Toffee lived with a neutered black persian. Her family had just bought a young somali to be her fiancé, when she was poisoned in the gardens of her dwelling-place, probably intentionally by a neighbour not liking cats.
(it is being said that such people will be reincarnated under the form of a mouse in their next life...)

Smells nice, this little girl ! Toffee Toffee

Toffee as a sweet kitten


On October 10, 2002, Bouboule in turn had her first litter, sired by Roller.
4 kittens were born, all males this time !

Bouboule and her 3 sons The 3 brothers

Bouboule et her kittens, and from left to right: Twix, Tikky and Turron

Turron went to live in the South of France, together with a blue silver somali, Polaire de Bethsabée. He took part to several cat shows with a lot of success (several times Best in Show).

Turron with his ribbon Turron in Montpellier cat show

Once an adult, he sired two litters with Polaire and is now enjoying a quiet retirement in a new family where he can share his affection.

Turron, profile Turron, I love your eyes !

Turron, look at the love in his eyes !  (pictures by Charles Christler)

Turron celebrated his 9 years old, more beautiful than ever ! Here, 7 years old (left) and 9 years old (center and right)

Turron, 7 ans Turron sur le balcon, 9 ans Turron, 9 ans

(pictures by Charles Christler)

Twix was so tiny when he was born, the smallest of the litter by far (only 62g). But he was very tonic, did not let loose of "his" tit and after a few weeks, was just as big as the two others.

Twix, the little one Twix (front) with Triskell

Twix as a baby, then with his fiancée (her at the back, him at the front, picture by Rachel Mussard)

Twix also sired two litters (under the affix "La Fournaise") before spending his retirement in the sun of La Réunion Island where he followed his human mistress.

As to Tikky, he stayed with us and you may visit his own page.


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