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Bouboule had her second litter sired by Reza Chah des Hauts d'Arcangues, sorrel somali (pedigree).

Their 4 babies were born on November 1st, 2003. A little male did not survive (diaphragm defect), so three kittens remained, all sorrel silver:

Bouboule proud of her kittens Soon bigger than mom, but still nursing Ukko, Ushuaïa and U-dream

Bouboule and her kittens aged 2 weeks, 6 weeks and 2 months (from left to right, Ukko, Ushuaïa and U-dream)

Ukko,the male is now neutered and lives close to Paris.

Ukko has found a quiet buddy to sleep with Ukko thinks... Me, stealing some cheese ? What led you to believe this ?

Well, difficult to hide the fact that Ukko did like full fat soft cheese...

U-dream (also called U-dee), the quietest of the three, is also neutered and lives South-West of Paris.

U-dream falls asleep U-dream, 2 months old U-dream, Christmas 2004

U-dee as a kitten, then for her first Christmas in her new family (picture by Marcel Fauré)

Ushuaïa, who has a mind to explore everything, is also neutered and lives in a Paris apartment where I'm sure she visited every single corner!

Ushuaïa falls asleep Ushuaïa seems lost in her dream

Ushuaïa explores the furniture

Ushuaïa between 2 and 3 months old

Ushuaïa Ushuaïa plays Bastet role Ushuaïa

Ushuaïa (pictures by Fabrice and Laure Bouchard)


A few weeks after the birth of Bouboule's litter, it was time for her mom Mila to give birth to kittens sired by Roller.
A female was born, then contractions stopped. No time to loose! An ultrasound completed by an X-ray indicated that a kitten was not on the right track, and it was decided to do a C-section, which saved the life of the 3 kittens still in Mila's womb. One of them, instead of taking the right way out, was blocked in the fork between the two uterus horns, blocking the rest of the birth process.

As soon as Mila was awake, still on the surgery table, we put the kittens to nurse, which had been reanimated in the meantime (despite a minimal level of anesthaetic and less than 6 minutes between the injection and the getting out of all three kittens, they still got somewhat "anesthaesized"). This was important so that the kittens and mom get acquainted to each other, and to stimulate their suckling behaviour. My heartful thanks to Dr Hervé, veterinary surgeon in Arcueil, for his time on this day where he should normally not have been in his clinic!

So here are our 4 little ones:

Mila and her 4 kittens The gang of 4

Mila is happy with her babies.
From left to right : the band of 4, 8 weeks old: U-nik, Unzo, Pompon and Lylla.

U-nik, in consistency with the reputation of the short-hair gene, was the most active of the 4, always the first one to try new experiences. She has now gone to live in Burgundy.

U-nik wants to explore outside the nest U-nik has found a new bed

U-nik discovers the world outside the nest... and (much later) finds a lot of places to try out for a siesta (second picture by Stéphane Huppé)

Unzo, a sweet boy, has gone to live with Valérie Bourel (la Cornaline cattery, in Rennes) and her abys and somalis,
where he has been a dad a few times before being neutered to go on living his in-house cat life.

Unzo starts his exploration Unzo, 7 weeks old

Unzo as a baby and Unzo 7 weeks old.

Unzo checking on his "harem"
Unzo à 3 ans
Unzo à 3 ans

Unzo, 15 months old (picture by Valérie Bourel),
then Unzo as a young (3 years old) retired guy (pictures by Marion Tange)

Lylla went to live with Agathe Kern-Zahn (Waldo's Sweet Lullaby cattery, in Alsace),
where she has been a mom in 2005, then was neutered and placed.

Unzo with U'Lylla Lylla and her son Berlioz

Lylla and her brother Unzo, then Lylla with her son Berlioz

She now lives happy days in her new home :

U'Lylla in the living-room U'Lylla on the window sill

(pictures by C. Gyss)

La Pomponnette stayed with us and you may enjoy more pics of her on her own page.

U-nik with Pompon Pompon, 7 weeks old

Pompon (right) and U-nik (left) 3 weeks old, then Pompon 7 weeks old.


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