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Jemima (pedigree) is born here on August 6th, 2014, the last-born of a 6 ruddy kittens' litter,
her mom is Guinness de la Cornaline and her dad is Brownie de la Chacolaterie.

Her name is of course inspired by the Cats Musical of Andrew Lloyd Webber based on T.S. Eliot's poem.
Jemima is a young kitten part of the Jellicle cats tribe, playful and innocent but more mature than other kittens.
She is the first to show empathy towards Grizabella (the decrepit old cat rejected by many),
and her solo which is part of the song Memory helps Grizabella to be accepted back into the tribe.

5 weeks old

7 weeks old

4 months old

Jemima, 5 weeks old
Jemima, 7 weeks old
Jemima, 4 months old

Jemima is the smallest of the 6 kittens, but very active and playful. She is free of PKDef and PRA,
and was chosen to stay home and perpetuate the lineage.

Always on the lookout, she is a natural hunter. The slighest opening of the toys' drawer is irresistible to her...

Jemima, one year old
Jemima, almost 2 years old

She loves to spend long hours in the aviary, chasing every moving thing : butterflies, insects, leaves...
She monitors all the coming and going of the numerous birds visiting the garden,
but in this case the cat is inside the aviary and the birds roam free outside it !

Even in winter, snow does not repel her, and she insisted in going out when the other cats
were comfortably watching from the top of the heater behind the window.

Jemima, 2 years old
Jemima in the snow, 2.5 years old

I arranged a meeting for her end of February 2017 with a beautiful chocolate male somali :
Lou-Arn de la Rivaleraie (pedigree), aka "Lou", and they sympathised at once !

Lou and Jemima

Read the sequel of the story on the 2017 litter page...
A chocolate female, Noisette, was born from this litter and stayed with us.

Jemima then had her second litter two years later, in 2019, with Deglet Nour des Fauve & Or, a cinnamon somali.
Six kittens were born: three cinnamon males, one ruddy male and two cinnamon females.

Jemima's litter in 2019

Her daughter Noisette had had her first litter a few days before (9 kittens, among which 6 survived).
Very soon, both moms decide to cooperate. As soon as the kittens explore outside their respective nest,
they both take care of any of them irrespectively of its mom.
You may want to read their nice story with many pictures on the 2019 litter page.

In 2020, Jemima represents the somali breed at the CGA (a prestigious annual national General Agriculture Competition in France)
Here is her official portrait taken during the event.

Jemima CGA 2020

(© Lola Ledoux, Humanimals et Frédéric Lhonoré)

She met Deglet Nour des Fauve & Or again in 2020,
and had a new litter of 6 kittens from him born 27 July 2020.
This time, five ruddies and one cinnamon...
Not a single dilute among the 12 kittens of the couple, despite the fact that both carry the dilution allele.

Jemima is very keen on keeping her kittens clean.
This year, her daughter Noisette who was not mated helps her as a baby-sitter.

Jemima, her 6 babies and Noisette

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