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Bouboule has had her third litter sired by Utahwa Som de Kismayou, a sorrel son (pedigree) of Roller.
Bouboule and Utahwa started 2005 without loosing time, since they mated on January 1st !

Before After

Before: "Please, come!..."    After: a well-earned rest

Bouboule gave birth to 4 kittens on the evening of March 8, 2005. Let me introduce them by order of birth:

Bouboule and her 4 kittens

Gang of 4 Synchronised dance lesson

Bouboule and her kittens at the age of 4 days (from left to right, Aulympus, Aloha, Alaska, Abricotine)
then the kittens at the age of 7 weeks (from left to right, Aloha, Aulympus, Alaska, Abricotine)
and the dance lesson to raise paw together ! (from left to right, Aloha, Alaska, Abricotine, Aulympus)

Alaska and Aloha had decided to choose the same nipple, no way to convince them to change !
As a consequence, very soon only 3 nipples remained active, for 4 kittens. I first thought I would have to give a complement to these two kittens, but soon all 4 thrived purely on mom's milk.


Abricotine, cute and number one at the purring contest, has gone to live with Caroline Neusy, in Belgium.

Abricotine with aunt Pompon Rhapsody in Blue

Abricotine in the arms of Pompon (her aunt, who wished the kittens were hers), and in the arms of my son Vincent.


Abricotine Abricotine Abricotine climbs everywhere Abricotine "underfoot"

Abricotine explores and climbs everywhere...

Abricotine had one litter. She is now neutered and lives with another family (under the nickname "Chataigne")
together with two other cats (pictures Bénédicte)

Abricotine and her new friend Pixel Abricotine and her adoptive son

Aloha, the quietest and least dominant of the 4 kittens, went to live in Normandy, where she shares the house with a maine coon, a sacred Birman and a persan x domestic shorthair cross. No need to say who is the smallest in the lot ! But Aloha is not impressed by that and was well adopted.

Aloha Aloha has fallen asleep

Aloha, trustful

Aulympus, the only male of the litter, a very promising and sweet little boy, went to live in Luxembourg where he joined his future fiancée (much older than he is !), Rudisha de la Reynie, alias Mishka. Let's hope that his kitty games will not use up the patience of Mishka before he is old enough to mate her !

Aulympus listens Aulympus thinks Mom and Aulympus

Aulympus focuses his attention on something, or purring of pleasure when cleaned by mom Bouboule

Alaska, finally, stayed with us. She has very expressive eyes of a deep amber colour, and she is both extremely active and very sweet. Her colour, which I would tend to call silver chorrel (LOL), is a bit dark for a sorrel silver but too light for a chocolate silver, even if heterozygotous b-bl. The chocolate/cinnamon DNA test was under development at U.C. Davis when she was a kitten, but she is now tested and is effectively sorrel silver (see my article on the chocolate and lilac colours in abys and somalis). You may see her evolution on her own page.

Alaska's look Alaska's profile Alaska



Having loved to kitty-sit Bouboule's kittens, Pompon now wanted to have her own babies. So she invited Velasquez de la Vallée aux Loups, a ruddy somali (pedigree) during a few days beginning of August for a holiday just for the two of them. And, on October 7, she gave birth to 3 kittens, a sorrel silver male and two black silver females.

Velasquez, proud dad Pompon happy to be a mom

Left: Dad - Right: Mom with their three new-born kittens


the sorrel silver male (105 g)

the first-born black silver female (107 g)

And the last born black silver female (109 g)

Amos, Arcia and Aubépine, hardly half a day old


The 3 kittens explore the bed
Amos and Arcia

Amos and his sisters, 3 weeks old, are exploring every fold of the bed and quilt.


Aubépine is calling mom

Aubépine, the most daring of the two black silver sisters, 3 weeks old.


Arcia, one month old Amos with Arcia Aubépine

Here Arcia, Amos and Aubépine are one month old. They are enjoying a moment of quietness after their crazy climbing and play..


Amos and the coffee grinder
Arcia and the coffee grinder
Aubépine gets out of her hiding basket

Everything is a toy or a hiding place for a 1,5 month old kitten: the coffee grinder, the wicker basket, ...


3 cute little heads out of the basket
Amos and his two sisters in the basket
Mom supervises the playground

Mom Pompon supervises carefully her 3 cuties while they explore the wicker basket.
Amos gets tired of it, but the two sisters love this old picnic basket !

Arcia and Aubépine in the wicker basket Arcia and Aubépine get out of the wicker basket


At 2 months old, the big cat tree holds not secrets any more for Amos, Arcia and Aubépine.
They climb up and down the stairs (and everywhere else...) in an eyeblink.

Amos, 2 months old
Arcia, 2 months old
Aubépine, 2 months old
Arcia on the piano Hello, Aubépine !

Arcia faces her public after interpreting the "Sonata for four paws"...,
while Aubépine stops right in the middle of the stairs when being called.

And the time came that the 3 little ones were 3 months old...

Shortly afterwards, Amos went to take the cuddling male role in a trio with 2 of his aunts,
Vénus and Alias de la Vallée aux Loups.

Amos in his new home Amos in Venus' arms

(pictures P. and I. Heritier)

You can see more of him on the blog, full of humor, that Isabelle and Philippe have created for their cats.


Arcia, the most independent of the 3 kittens,
left a few days later to be cuddled as a single cat.

Here is her first picture in her new home.
(picture P. Roumegoux)

Arcia,first picture in her new home


Aubépine stayed with us a bit longer, and became a very close playmate to Alaska.

Aubépine, 3 months old, with her mesmerizing eyes Aubépine, resting with folded arms Alaska and Aubépine during the Antony cat show on Feb. 5th 2006

She has now found her new home as well, where she met Cléo, a black lady cat of 15 years old.
There she is, dreaming of travelling around the world... (picture J.L. Veinnant)

Aubépine, 7 months old


Here are pictures of the three of them, on their first birthday :

Amos, one year old Arcia, one year old Aubépine, one year old

Left : Amos (picture P. and I. Héritier) ; Middle : Arcia (picture P. Roumegoux) ; Right : Aubépine (picture J.L. Veinnant)

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