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Arakis de Buffavand

Aurore d'Alaska de la Chacolaterie (picture at right)
and Arakis de Buffavand (picture at left)
are happy to announce the birth of their 2 kittens on 13 March 2007.

Aurore d'Alaska (photo Christophe Hermeline)

Arakis is a chocolate somali, carrier of both cinnamon and dilution (pedigree).
Alaska is a sorrel silver somali, carrier of non-silver and dilution (pedigree).
So this mating gave 8 possible colours of kittens !

Among the (2) babies, they have managed to produce a male and a female,
a silver kitten and a non-silver kitten,
a dilute-coloured kitten and an intense-coloured kitten...

I'll let you discover Choupette and Charlie in pictures :

Alaska first-time mom : 13 March 2007
(first-born 2h22, second-born 2h41)Alaska is a mom !

I was the first one out, I'm a fawn (or lilac ?)
female, here I'm one day old !

I am the second born (easier !!!), I am a sorrel silver
male (also one day old on the picture)
little brother

I think I'm sleepy...

male yawns

Alaska is kneading on her 4 days-old kitties
Alaska kneading

We still need to grow quite a lot before our paws
are the same size as mom's... giant and dwarf paws

Here we are one week old
two quiet kitties

Here we are 2 weeks old, and we can see
around us (this helps to play !)
Brother and sister

Charlie seems very surprised by what his sister
is telling him in the ear...
Are you sure ?

Now we are 3 weeks old,
and we love to explore and look at everything ! Charlie, 3 weeks old

Don't you think that I have a romantic look ?
Caramelle, 3 weeks old

We are just one month old !
Let's go to the milk bar to celebrate this...
Alaska milk bar

Charlie the explorer, always amazed
Alaska and Charlie

Choupette the sweet,
in one of her favorite positions

Choupette dreams
Caramelle, one month old

"Choupette, didn't I tell you not to do this
to visitors ?..."
Choupette, 6 weeks old

Charlie, 1.5 months old
Charlie, 1.5 months old

Charlie's beautiful eyes
Charlie, 1.5 months old

Choupette, 1.5 months old

Choupette and Charlie in the picnic basket
Choupette and Charlie, 1.5 months old

Charlie plays the clown while Choupette
rests, both in the basket with auntie Pompon
Pompon, Choupette and Charlie

Charlie, 2 months old
Charlie, 2 months old

Choupette and Charlie
Choupette and Charlie, deux mois

Choupette, 2 months old
Choupette, 2 months old



How did he do it ?...
I don't know, probably a wrong fall-back while I wasn't looking...
Baby Charlie broke his front left paw on May 23 evening.
After having looked for (and found...) all techniques to remove the gutter keeping his paw straight,
he managed to convince both the vet and myself that it would do him less harm leaving him without !
Of course, he must be careful not to jump on his paw too hard while the bones are settling back well.
This is easier said than done...

During this time, his sister was becoming a star on TV
("les Animaux de la 8" live show on Saturday 26 may) !

Choupette :
"Oh my God ! What did I do
to get such a brother ??? "

Choupette, Charlie

Here they are, 3 months (minus 3 days) old:

Choupette, 3 months old

Charlie, 3 months old

Choupette and her reflection in the window
Choupette and her reflection in the window

They will go on living together in a sweet home, together with their older cousins : Amos (see my 2005 litter page),
Bret Som de Kismayou, Venus and Alias de la Vallée aux Loups, later joined by Cajun Som de Kismayou.

Here they are, 9 months old :

Choupette, 9 months old Charlie, 9 months old

You can see later pictures on the very nice blog that their owners have prepared for their cats.

The more we love them, the greater the sadness when they leave us:
Charlie left much too early for the other side of the rainbow (october 2012),
where the legend says Cajun was waiting for him for endless games...

cathead catheadcathead catheadcathead

During all this time, Une Pomponnette was thinking that cuddling others' kittens is fine,
but that cuddling hers would be even better.
Let's Bucci Kid tell you himself of their encounter in the Summer 2007 romantic picture story.
Following this, two kittens were born on September 17th :
a lilac silver male and a fawn silver male.

Pompon and her two new-born kittens, 17th September

"Did you see that my two cuties have offered my a heart ?
I'm sooo happy ! "

Two babies for a loving heart


Two babies cuddled together Mom and babies, one week old lilac silver baby is asleep

At one week old, the two babies already have their eyes wide open on the world !

Lilac silver baby calls mom Profiles

At three weeks old, they start to really answer when I talk to them, and want to explore everything around the nest

Calisson and Chabichou, 3 weeks old Chabichou and Calisson, 3 weeks old

At six weeks old, no corner of the rooms holds any secret for them.
Chabichou even discovered what a bike is...

Calisson, 6 weeks old Calisson and Chabichou with mom Chabichou wants to learn how to ride a bicycle

Here are Chabichou (fawn silver, left on the pictures) and Calisson (lilac silver, right on the pictures) on the eve of their 3 months.

Mom with Calisson and Chabichou, 3 weeks old Chabichou and Calisson, 3 weeks old

The difference between their coat colour is subtle
but very visible when they are side by side in the real world.
(fawn gives an orangy tinge to the beige, lilac gives a dove-grey tinge to the beige).
Compare for instance at their nose leather (close-ups below)

Chabichou and Calisson Chabichou (fawn silver) Calisson (lilac silver)

Here are a few Christmas pictures... children at play !

Friends ? Calisson, Christmas 2007 Great those new toys !

I have had both Calisson and Chabichou genetically tested for their coat colour,
and this has confirmed that Chabichou is fawn silver whereas Calisson is lilac silver.

Here are a few pics at 4.5 months old :

Chabichou, 4 months old Chabichou and Calisson, 4.5 months old What a jump !

And here they are again (left: Chabichou ; right: Calisson)

Chabichou Calisson

At 7 months old, both Calisson and Chabichou have developed a magnificent white panache
which they proudly display in the shape of a question mark.
They are now neutered, and they discovered the garden for a picture session :

Calisson, 7 months old
Calisson shows his white panache
Chabichou, 7 months old
Chabichou, 7 months old

Chabichou and Calisson have found their new home, where they can live together !
Chabichou feels home at once, Calisson is more shy and lets his brother do his own experiences before daring do the same..
Here is a first picture of Chabichou in their new home :


And here they are after two years, both together : "pals for life" !
Their human mom has written a poem in their honor (click on the poem to read it, in French)

Chabichou and Calisson, pals for life
(picture M. Carré)


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