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Ti-mate (pedigree) is a ruddy/usual somali (SOM n) born in July 2003,
who complemented our colour palette in October 2003.

She was born at the Catzanova Cattery, with Bernard Clergue and Fabienne Kletzy.

She is like a small squirrel, who managed in less than 24 hours to convince Tikky that the highest position in the cat tree should be hers !

She is extremely quick and active and will let you know that it's not time for cuddles if she's busy running one of her crazy runs.
But she may as well, when SHE decides, come and cuddle on your lap with such a purr that even the hardest heart could not resist.

Ti-mate as a kitten Ti-mate, 6 months old Hide and Seek

She has a wonderful colour, with a very warm undercoat and a very expressive face.

Ti-mate supervises from her top position Ti-mate, 15 months old

What she likes best: the moment when the door of the feather-duster cupboard is being opened.
What she hates most: Bouboule...

Hey, I want to be in front !

With Pompon in November 2004 "Whatever it is, we didn't do it !!!"

I have had quite some trouble convincing Ti-mate to have babies.
She only was calling about twice a year, and she doesn't quite accept being dominated by another cat.
("What ? Did you really think I would accept a stud to be upon me and hold me by the neck ? How shocking !")

It took many efforts on the part of the male, his human and me, but that's it !
Ti-mate gave birth to 4 beautiful little ruddy males on Easter Saturday, 15 April 2006.
4 long-haired boys... I call them the Beatles !

She doesn't stop purring since ...
Go and have a look at their pictures on the 2006 litter page.

Ti-mate unfortunately still doesn't get on very well with my other females.
I had therefore keep two groups of cats separate at home :
one group made of her and Tikky (they are very good friends), and one group of the other cats.

Timate is oak coloured Timate in a classic pose

Ti-mate has been spayed in autumn 2006 and I started searching the right home for her after this,
where she can be the "princess", not having to share the attention of her humans with other cats.
We found this home in August 2007, and Ti-mate has been adjusting quickly to her new environment.

Here she is, obviously enjoying the 2007 Christmas tree... and the view from the window (spring 2008)

Timate in the Christmas tree Ti-mate looking through the window

(pictures F. Bonnet)

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